Traverse - Perceptions of Driverless Cars

Traverse have been a fantastic client, continually commissioning us to create animations that help government and organisations engage with the public. We’ve enjoyed finding the simplest and clearest path to discussing complex subjects and issues. This animation gives an overview of how people with mobility issues perceive driverless vehicles.



Traverse - Gloucestershire, 2050

Half of Damn Fine Media hail from Gloucestershire, so this project was close to our hearts. The council have big plans for regeneration and are seeking the public’s take on the county’s future. Traverse asked us to create a short, captivating animation, which brought the public up-to-date on the six key areas for possible regeneration. We worked with an illustrator who could create wide, stylish vistas to bring the planned developments to life.


Stratified Medicine

Traverse asked us to come up with the best way to introduce the public to a new approach to medicine. We researched the topic and came up with a clear and engaging animation.

It's used at public events to introduce the concept, as part of a government funded engagement policy.