Motor Sport Stories

Following the success of our first series of Motorsport videos, Red Bull asked us to create another series, this time on extreme motorsports. This one features avant-garde playwright, Samuel Beckett, naturally.


Motor Sport Stories

Our latest project for Red Bull showcases the many death defying motor sports they sponsor, from Formula 1 to Hard Enduro to the Dakar Rally. We worked with a comic book artist to create a Boys Own annual look. They were much loved by Red Bull's audience. 

Music Festival Stories

Red Bull asked us to create a series of videos for their music channel, telling the stories of various global music festivals. We encouraged them to tell the story of the Music Festival itself, from 60s to present day, which was really popular and a lot of fun to research.


Red Bull's social media team asked us to develop a new style to celebrate their CANiversary.  

We created a series of retro 8-bit videos and Vines celebrating Red Bull's most exciting events. We really enjoyed the limits and possibilities of Vine and are looking forward to making more.