What is OpenLearn?

We have made explainer videos for the OU on topics ranging from nuclear physics to love poetry. This time, they asked us to create an animation promoting the OpenLearn offer itself.  


Patterns of Life

Following the success of our previous two series, the Open University asked us to create five animations exploring the mathematics found in nature. These popular guides feature icons such as Darwin and Turing brilliantly caricatured by one of our many illustrators. 



Critical Digital Literacy

There was much rejoicing in the DFM office when we won the commission for three videos on how we consume and share social media. The animations feature the hapless Frank and his online misadventures. 


Maths Archive

The OU asked us how we might use their heritage of nearly 50 years of amazing TV programmes to create fresh content. We took the challenge and created 8 of the fastest cut maths videos you'll ever see.

Outside the Book

This was our second series of animations for the OU, introducing big literary ideas to a youtube audience. From dusty forms like Comedy and Tragedy to post-structuralist problems like 'what is a book?', these one minute guides were great fun to work on.