The 2014 World Cup

Following the success of our Euro 2012 football videos, the Guardian asked us to create a series of ten for the World Cup.

We're happy to say, the videos performed far better than the England team.



The US Election

The third set of videos we made for the Guardian were to support their coverage of the US election, using chips and ketchup… naturally.

How your brain works

Your brain is the size of a small cauliflower and has the texture of paté. Nevertheless It's the most complicated organ in your body. The Guardian asked us to explain how it works in a two minute animation.

The Olympics

The Guardian liked our football videos so much, they asked us to create a further series for the Olympics.

The Guardian – Euro 2012

We created a series of videos for the Guardian, around the Euro 2012 Football championships. They went viral and achieved great praise worldwide.