What we do

We research, write and produce video guides to subjects ranging from philosophy to football.

We specialise in making your message clear and captivating to support campaigns and to increase public engagement.

Who we are

DFM is run by two former BBC producers. Their work has won numerous awards including one BAFTA win and two nominations.

Andrew Lees
Andrew has vast experience creating videos and animations which make ‘boring stuff more interesting’. He led the BBC Bitesize team for 5 years, managing the text, videos and games for four websites and exec producing the Bafta winning Quiff and Boot animations.

Andrew then went onto BBC Global News as Senior Product Manager for the award winning BBC Janala. He now co-runs DFM, specialising in developing new formats and research.

David Percy
David is a writer, director and producer. As a Producer at the BBC, he ran a video team to create hundreds of popular factual videos and animations. In this role, he wrote, directed and produced the Bafta nominated Bitesize Geography videos.

He now co-runs DFM, specialising in writing and producing.